Stove-Plate (8)
  Steel-Bowl (2)
  Glass-Tray (7)
  Vitreous-Stair (5)
  Focal-Stents (3)

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        This company produces gas burner dish, gas burner water dish, wet pan, gas burner wet pan, kitchen accessories, gas burner accessories and tableware kind, decoration class, bath adorn such groceries stainless steel products, products sold at home and abroad every large, medium and small cities.

       The company equipments is well-found, the production force is abundant, has a group of experienced technical staff and perfect management system. Days wild company with unique style, quality products and reasonable prices won domestic and international market and customer's widespread praise, loved by consumers.

      In the future, the days wild company staff will cooperate, unity and struggle, pragmatic, pioneering and make future days wild company towards the world. Welcome the domestic and foreign dealers samples call orders, hand in hand, develop together!


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